[MUD-Dev] Information sharing (was: Re: Where are we now?)

Koster Koster
Thu May 3 16:05:05 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

> From: Brian 'Psychochild' Green
> "Koster, Raph" wrote:
>> The recipe for advancing the field is a) share knowledge of what's
>> been done b) innovate on it c) go back to step a).
> Let me get up on my soapbox and harp a bit about one of my favorite
> topics, information sharing.  My focus is on commercial developers,
> but this also applies to free MUD developers.  To begin, Raph is
> correct in his above statement.  Yet, knowledge and information
> simply does not get shared.  Why?

Actually, even on the hobbyist side, some does get shared but it's not
very in-depth in most forums where the sharing takes place. MUD-Dev is
a shining exception. :)

> On the commercial side of things, the industry as a whole is loathe
> to share information.  There are a few bright spots.  For example,
> Raph and Rich Vogel gave an absolutely wonderful presentation on the
> last day of the GDC about advanced MUD development patterns and
> theories.  It was one of the few presentations this year I attended
> that wasn't just a retread of what amounts to industry conventional
> wisdom.  (I expect more of the same next year, Raph. ;)

I don't know what I will talk about next year. What do you want? :)
I'll take suggestions...

BTW, they videotaped the presentation, so it should be up on the GDC
website at some point? Or maybe for sale, I dunno how they handle it.

The Powerpoint presentation for it is up at my website at:


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