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Brad Triem triem at sierranv.net
Sat May 5 02:01:54 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Friday, May 04, 2001 5:24 PM, Kevin Littlejohn wrote:

> Even in Angband, people tend to talk about which named creatures
> they've killed or which named items they've found - which are not
> randomly generated, but randomly placed.  In EQ, the big thing is
> "collect the set" - very similar to the trading card games, you get
> people inspecting you and commenting on "why haven't you got blah",
> or "wow, that's the blah I've been looking for".

Correct.  The creatures are randomly "placed" based on depth and other
factors.  The objects enhancements are randomly generated, unless they
are artifacts, allthough the most recent versions of Angband have
random artifact creation as well.  I just don't prefer it.  One of the
more addicting aspects of Angband are the findings of artifacts and
unique creatures, among other rare finds like vaults.  This is the
same concept that the Diablo developers used.  In fact, there is an
article where they reference rogue-like games as part of their
inspiration.  If I find it I will post it.  I am going after that same
concept.  This has been a three year project and I am itching to get
it finished.

> Idle thought: Would random creation of treasure destroy the
> collectables aspect (and hence a big part of the addictiveness) of a
> mud?  Do you need to have _some_ named/unique gear or monsters in
> there, so people can talk about them without referencing the stats?

Random creation of treasure has it's perks, but I truly believe you do
need the collectibles also.  Not even in role-playing, IMO, do you put
aside material things.  It's based on how you role-play and what you
consider a collectible as that character.  You could be the scholar
who acquires old books or the gnome mute who gets googly-eyed at shiny
glass.  Angband type games have something much more attractive (or
addicting) to the general public, again, in my opinion.  Those
collectibles, unique gear, unique creatures and even more attractive
when they range from rare to super rare.  That at any moment the next
creature you kill may just drop the artifact you have been hoping for.
That you can provide hundreds of good items so that every player isn't
walking around with the same "best" EQ.  And THE best equipment isn't
based on getting a large group to kill the biggest mob, but on your
individual OR group successes, failures and luck.  And the same
applies to the standard and unique creatures.


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