[MUD-Dev] Information sharing (was: Re: Where are we now?)

Brian 'Psychochild' Green brian at psychochild.org
Sat May 5 15:32:18 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Matt Mihaly wrote:

> As much as I enjoyed Raph and Rich's presentation, they weren't saying
> anything new. I didn't hear a single speaker talk about anything new
> he/she is working on in any substantive way.

Yes, my point exactly.  No one shares information.  It's all
super-valuable IP that you don't want your competition to get.  No one
is willing to take the first step, because it's almost certainly
damaging unless human nature has changed radically since I went to bed
last night.

Although I'd technically agree that Raph and Rich's presentation
didn't "say anything new", the lecture was noteworthy for a few
reasons. First, it was one of the few real "advanced" sessions there
are.  Yeah, to people active on this list, and that interact with
Raph, it wasn't anything terribly new.  But, it wasn't like most of
the other talks that were reduced to the lowest common demominator of
understanding in the room.

In addition, the informatino was presented in a new way.  I understood
most of the content from reading Raph's other works and from personal
experience, but the specific presentation got me thinking about
interesting combinations of those elements.  This is often more
valuable than just having new information dropped on you.

> Likewise with MERA.

MERA was more interesting, IMHO.  I liked the presentation more than
GDC's technique of throwing one-hour segments of talks at you
distributed through the day.  Given that this was the conference's
first year, it made sense to focus on some of the basics.  I assume in
future years the talks will be able to be more advanced.

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