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Sat May 5 21:21:09 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Sat, 5 May 2001, Brad Triem wrote:
> Friday, May 04, 2001 5:24 PM, Kevin Littlejohn wrote:
>> Even in Angband, people tend to talk about which named creatures
>> they've killed or which named items they've found - which are not
>> randomly generated, but randomly placed.  In EQ, the big thing is
>> "collect the set" - very similar to the trading card games, you get
>> people inspecting you and commenting on "why haven't you got blah",
>> or "wow, that's the blah I've been looking for".

> Correct.  The creatures are randomly "placed" based on depth and
> other factors.  The objects enhancements are randomly generated,
> unless they are artifacts, allthough the most recent versions of
> Angband have random artifact creation as well.  I just don't prefer
> it.  One of the more addicting aspects of Angband are the findings
> of artifacts and unique creatures, among other rare finds like
> vaults.  This is the same concept that the Diablo developers used.
> In fact, there is an article where they reference rogue-like games
> as part of their inspiration.  If I find it I will post it.  I am
> going after that same concept.  This has been a three year project
> and I am itching to get it finished.

Added note:

All of the "random artifact" angband versions I've seen are pretty
beta in the way the code functions.  The fun part of angband artifacts
is the tradeoff issues.  Random weapons can be better than artifacts
in the raw damage area, but artifacts have lots of neat properties.
With the human made artifacts, the trade off issues are so tricky that
you still see Usenet threads that say, "Should I use artifact X or
artifact Y?", and there's still no definitive agreement on the issue,
despite the fact that the artifacts have been around, essentially
unchanged, for years.  It seems like it would be hard to get a
computer to create situations like that.

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