[MUD-Dev] Where are we now?

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>> The mud culture on EOTL helped us steer the coder-wizards away from
>> the social-wizards and allowed the two to do their own thing well
>> undisturbed by power struggles between the two.

> I do nothing here but describe a relevant experience of my own...

> I used to run a user-extensible talker.

[ ... ]

At the risk of being labeled a sexist heretic, I'll suggest that I've
seen that too.  Women at least in the muds I've run decide things
based on consensus and council and men, by and large decide things
based on decree and will.

Male organizational structures tend to be vertical and transparent,
female structures tend to be horizontal and less clearly defined.  To
the female administrators, the role is less important than the goal -
to the men sometimes it seems the role is the goal.  Whenever there is
a gender shift in mud administration, there's upheaval as the decision
making process adapts to it.  It's interesting (although not always
pleasant from the first-person perspective)

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