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> The patent makes no claims about making the throw-away check on the
> server...

The whole idea of a patent on something like this is preposterous to
me.  My wife is telling me that GE, the company she works for, is
beginning to patent its processes like how to write customer payments
into journal entries.  What is happening to the patent office these
days.  If patents like the one above and this worlds.com patent are
enforcable in a court of law at any broad level, then the effects
could be pretty dramatic.  In the end the only people that will
benefit will be the lawyers that have to deal with the mess the patent
office creates.  Makes you want to become a lawyer.  (NOT A CHANCE)

This is a sad time in the games industry folks, but if there is one
thing we should glean from this is that as an industry we need
significantly more representation in Washington.  We should not do
what the software industry as a whole has done and ignore the
politicians.  All that did was get them a blood thirsty Janet Reno on
the various major players in the industry.(Microsoft and Intel...)
With more representation, things like this could be stopped before
they are completed.  Without it, we suffer a fate given to us by
people that have no concept of our industry except to say their grand
kids play them.

This whole issue is interesting to me and equally sickening.  I hope
it dies a horrible death in a court battle.

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