[MUD-Dev] I Want to Forge Swords. [Another letter to game designers]

Auli auli at bellsouth.net
Sun May 6 13:05:09 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Martin Burke wrote:

> It sounds like this is a problem with EQ, not with the desire for
> distinct communities.  If there were several places that offered the
> same satisfaction as the East Commons zone, and each were as
> difficult to travel between as the trip you mention, several
> distinct communities would develop.
> No idea is bad because it was implemented poorly in EQ.

I agree and you certainly can't consider me a disgruntled Everquest
basher, I still play, and enjoy the game nearly every day and was a
volunteer admin for nearly a year and a half.  I actually love the
game.  The point was to compare one world where travel is limited, and
not even limited as much as Mr. Ming would seem to want, to another
where travel to your starting home point was relatively quick and
easy.  Because the point of these games for most is to go out and
explore if travel is time consuming and difficult people will not
'settle down'.  They become permanent nomads ala Everquest.  That
would seem to be exactly the opposite of Mr. Ming's argument.

It will always be the case that some games do some things better than
others.  It was my intent to point this out for this situation, not
come across as a run of the mill EQ-hater.  I'm about to go log in and
play now :p


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