[MUD-Dev] Re: Worlds targets EQ in its patent battle

Jessica Mulligan jessica at mm3d.com
Sun May 6 13:45:44 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

> At 10:42 PM 05/05/01 -0700, shren at io.com wrote:
>>> On Fri, 4 May 2001, Frank Crowell wrote:

>>>> The Worlds.com patent specifically covers the end user's ability to
>>>> limit the number of graphical images, called "avatars," seen on the
>>>> user's screen. A game like EverQuest uses a more broad visual
>>>> control that covers the user's ability to see the whole world,
>>>> players, monsters, nature, landscape, everything.

>>> Level of detail technology.  Very, very interesting - it was
>>> revolutionary when it appeared in Sacrifice recently.  If he has a six
>>> year old patent on it, he's got something.  Maybe not enough to win,
>>> but I doubt the issue will be dismissed out of hand in court.

> Actually, I believe Kesmai's Air Warrior was doing this in 1987.  I don't 
> remember if Meridian59 (1995) did it also; Mike Sellers or Damion Schubert 
> might know.

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