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Mon May 7 08:27:13 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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> But, the pessimist in me says that capitalist tendencies will win
> out on a macro scale.  Business suits with only next quarter's
> bottom line in mind would die before giving out vital "intellectual
> property" and "competitive advantages" to the industry in general,
> even if they could benefit more from everyone sharing information
> with each other.  The suits know know that there's no incentive for
> anyone else to do the same, and if they share when no one else does,
> it only hurts them.
> Ironic that in an industry that's largely concerned with creating
> communities, we have a hard time forming our own community to really
> share information.

Well, there's also the fact that once we get beyond nuts and bolts,
emotions can get a little high and egos a little bruised.  There's a
lot of stuff I don't talk about any more because I got the
impression.people thought I was heading off into left field.  When I
start drawing parallels between suicide as a sociological phenomenon
and account cancellation, and the response is either a blank look or a
heated denunciation for "trivializing" suicide, one way or the other I
have to figure that line of reasoning isn't worth sounding out in

I could care less about the much-vaunted "secrecy" of this industry,
fact is there simply aren't any secrets.  The grapevine is too active,
and the real substance of what is happening is too much of a goldfish
bowl.  There's a handful of things I won't discuss about DAoC, all of
which are more business matters than design issues, in general I'm
more concerned about not looking like I'm pimping the game then in
keeping secrets.

And when the discussion gets into nuts-and-bolts of particular
programming methods, languages, or specific code-bases, I have to
admit I don't even read the threads except to spot-check and see if
has mutated.

--Dave Rickey

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