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Freeman Freeman
Mon May 7 08:56:00 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

From: Madman Across the Water [mailto:burra at alum.rpi.edu]
> From: Madman Across the Water [mailto:burra at alum.rpi.edu]
> Bryce Harrington wrote:

>> Have you had luck with the art?  I've noticed with other games,
>> this can be sort of a rather limiting factor.  What would be nice
>> would be to have a universal CPAN-like free game graphics
>> repository...  something game neutral,


> I know of at least one person who has free art out there, but it's
> for tile-based games. As for remaking the UO art, unfortunately I do
> not know of any projects out there making the attempt yet.

Making the art game-neutral would help if there were more/different
types of 2d-isometric type games out there.  Right now the only
community the art would be useful to would be the UO emu folks (and
maybe worldforge?  AFAIK, they have their own art anyway).

Artists don't seem terribly interested in making free art for games.
I recently started playing on Webrpg and the art is basically the same
as it was about 3 years ago.  Adding new art to webrpg seems to
consist entirely of swiping art from other sources.

> And for completeness of information, UOX is open source (GPL),
> Sphere is closed I think, POL's core is closed but its script distro
> is open (artistic license) and the scripts make up 90% of the
> functionality. I can't find a link to Sphere's client, but I think
> it's closed source also.

Yup.  UOX is open-source.  POL's scripts are open source (which is
where pretty much all the functionality is in POL anyway).  POL
Scriptforum is the most wildly eager people to share their stuff that
I've ever seen - people releasing their entire worldfiles, for example
(and not just when they shut-down the MUD).

There doesn't seem to be much cross-over between emu operators and
text mud operators, though.  If you want to find an emu to play on,
mudconnector is the wrong place to go.  Most emu ops are unaware of
MUD-Dev, and so on.  And worldforge seems to be in a world of its own,
or maybe that's just me.  Apparently they do have a working, playable
game already, with art that hasn't been stolen!  Wow!
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