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Freeman Freeman
Mon May 7 09:16:02 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

> From: Auli [mailto:auli at bellsouth.net]

> Does anyone think a midevil economic simulator is a good idea as the
> primary focus for a MMOG?

Yes, sort of.  I think a town-building simulator is a good idea as the
primary focus for a MMOG, with cooperative adventuring as a secondary
activity (rather than the other way around).  I think tradeskills and
the like would have to be a lot higher up on the scale of "what's
important" in a game in which the primary focus was to build a
community.  But, I think it's a very good idea for a MMOG (or even
just a MOG), since "building community" is the fundamental purpose of
these games, IMO, regardless of design.

I'd like to see a game designed from the ground-up to facilitate
groups of players moving into an area, settling it with shops and
homes, governing and defending their community, with monster-bashing
as a secondary activity - just something "thrown in" for the benefit
of the community's craftsmen rather than, as we have now, the opposite
situation: Where crafting skills are (at best) tossed-in as an
afterthought, and primarily just used for the benefit of adventurers
(and with community-oriented tools left-out altogether, generally).
Where the goal of the game was to "level-up" from outpost, to
settlement, to village, to town, to city - rather than the goal being
to level-up individually from peasant to demi-god.  Instead of
promising housing will be added some day in an expansion, maybe a game
that promises monster-bashing will be added some day in an
expansion. :P
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