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> So let's take EQ and "fix" all its problems -- and don't get me
> wrong, lots of it does need fixing -- such as the camping, named
> items, named mobs, repeatable quests, etc.  There's no longer a
> Dvinn or Emperor Crush or ghoul assassin to talk about back at the
> ranch, there's only "Dark Elf Ambassador #2" or, even worse, some
> random encounter that randomly dropped a randomly created item that
> might be useful.

>   "Hey, Athamayn, what's that you got?"
>   "It's a +4 Dagger, +2 Backstab"
>   "Where'd you get it?"
>   "Dropped off a DE rogue in the woods near Kelethin"
>   "Oh.  I got a +1 longsword off a pop in that same area...hmm."

> The personality kinda gets sucked out of it.

Being such a big believer in automatically generated content, I'm very
surprised to find myself agreeing with you here.  It does kinda suck
the personality out of it, and if the problems in EQ were solved this
way, it would, in fact, be worse.  Much worse.

Fine.  So don't generate random content with no personality.  Generate
content that has personality.  Sounds simple enough, right? :)

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