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> Random creation of treasure has it's perks, but I truly believe you
> do need the collectibles also.  Not even in role-playing, IMO, do
> you put aside material things.  It's based on how you role-play and
> what you consider a collectible as that character.  You could be the
> scholar who acquires old books or the gnome mute who gets
> googly-eyed at shiny glass.  Angband type games have something much
> more attractive (or addicting) to the general public, again, in my
> opinion.  Those collectibles, unique gear, unique creatures and even
> more attractive when they range from rare to super rare.  That at
> any moment the next creature you kill may just drop the artifact you
> have been hoping for.  That you can provide hundreds of good items
> so that every player isn't walking around with the same "best" EQ.
> And THE best equipment isn't based on getting a large group to kill
> the biggest mob, but on your individual OR group successes, failures
> and luck.  And the same applies to the standard and unique
> creatures.

You know...my wife played Gemstone 3 for quite a long time, and you
know what one of her most treasured items was?  Not the matched set of
purple-colored armor, sword and shield.  Not anything functional or
useful in GoP terms.  It was a little ball that had a scene inside
that snowed when you shook it.

If EQ had those, we'd probably still be playing. :)

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