[MUD-Dev] Logical MUD Areas

Mathue Moyer Mathue.Moyer at Sun.COM
Mon May 7 14:42:28 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Greg Munt wrote:

> A world simulation doesnt mean no "smoke and mirrors" - not at
> all. There's no need to have things happening in your world, that no
> player will ever see. However, teleporting a town to another place
> wouldn't make sense. You'd need scouts going out into the world, to
> help decide where the new location of the town should be. You'd need
> people to go on ahead, and build new buildings, and stuff like
> that. Then you'd need to transplant the actual inhabitants. A town
> should repop just as much as an NPC/mob should. (Read: it
> shouldn't.)

Your statements seem - superficially - to be at odds with one another.
On the one hand, you acknowledge that "there's no need to have things
happening in your world, that no player will ever see."  However, you
then indicate that there are a number of activities that have to take
place to realistically model relocation of a town in a detailed
fashion.  I can think of a variety of sensible views that would allow
for both points, but the nature of your specific view isn't clear to
me from what you've written, and I'd be interested in hearing it.

There are some compelling arguments for going either way, depending on
the particular situation and the overall design focus of your game.
If your focus is primarily on creating a detailed environment, then it
probably makes sense to invest the effort required to set up a
genuine, observable exodus mechanism.  However, there are arguments in
favor of town teleportation as well.  If your objective in relocating
the town is to provide a rationale for a future resurgence of the
boojums after their old town is wiped out, then giving people an
opportunity to wipe out the boojum scouts and refugees might be
counterproductive.  :)


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