[MUD-Dev] Innovation restrictions (was: Information sharing)

Koster Koster
Mon May 7 14:48:34 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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> The second reason I think that free muds tend to evolve and change
> whereas commercial muds stay relatively static, is because some of
> the new ideas are deliberately held back for sequels. Since I don't
> work in the industry (yet), I am purely speculating here, but I'd be
> very surprised if publishers and the like didn't 'encourage'
> developers to leave big and interesting things out of the ongoing
> game patches, so that they can form selling points for a subsequent
> sequel (or indeed, expansion pack.)

Hurm, can't say that I ever recall that happening with any product
that I've been close to. Usually the stuff for an expansion pack is
just so durn big that you'd never even consider it for a regular

Come to think of it, I do seem to recall discussion of whether we
would patch "Big Window" (aka, an in-game desktop, essentially, so you
could arrange your in-game windows on it) to everyone in UO or whether
it would be a feature for the Second Age expansion pack. As I recall,
we touted it with the 2nd Age box, but also patched it to everyone.

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