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John Buehler johnbue at msn.com
Mon May 7 16:34:02 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Brad Triem writes:
> John Buehler wrote:
>> Brad Triem writes:
>>> John Buehler wrote:

> I was a kid once...I think so anyway, less I was spawned in some
> atypical fashion.  But if my memory serves me correctly, I grew up
> with the same thoughtless slaughter(hack n slash) games that
> everyone else did.  It's an electronic game.  In most likelyhood I
> am killing things that are merely only in my imagination and not
> something I can even relate to being real.  It hasn't affected my
> psych in a negative way.

Oh really?  Do you have a control psyche to compare it with?  You're
comparing yourself with your friends and with popular culture in
general.  Is popular culture going in the right direction?  I'm not
trying to call you names, only to present the possibility that we can
be influenced so broadly and so completely that we can't even see the
influence.  I happen to sit in a fairly extreme camp, socially
speaking.  That gives me a viewpoint on society that many don't get.
I may be in a very unhealthy place, meaning that my viewpoint is a
mess.  But it's a different viewpoint than mainstreamers have of their
own society.

> Do games really have that much affect on our children?  I really
> don't think so.  Does bad parenting along with a child(who has pent
> up frustrations at home) playing violent games have an affect.
> Probably, but indirectly.  The focus should not be on the game, it
> should be on the parenting (by some parentel figure if no parent is
> available).  A friend of mine quoted "If you impart good morale
> fiber and the kid gets a good base to operate from, the kid won't be
> affected by violent games."

I agree that parents are the primary keepers of a child's development.
But I'm not going to sprinkle dynamite around town and assume that the
parents will keep their children away from it.  Parents are *not*
doing the job and I see these games as having the trait of being a
kind of low-yield dynamite when crafted in certain ways.

> I am not saying I agree with all types of violence.  I don't.  But
> the buck stops at the child's parental guidance.  Heh, I would be
> very interested to see what people have to say about the game Black
> & White in relation to this topic.

Again, I agree that the parents are the primary keepers of a child's
development.  But a child interacts with many people in their
lifetime, and we should be assuming that every interaction that we
have with a child affects them in some subtle way.  Talk to a teacher
sometime and ask them about their stories of how they inspired a child
to do something - when they didn't even consciously do anything.

As I write that, I think about immersing children into these game
world.  It makes me cringe.


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