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Kevin Littlejohn darius at bofh.net.au
Mon May 7 18:05:00 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

"John Buehler" wrote

> We need immutable bad guys because we need something that can be
> killed without any downside to our conscience.  And if you're not
> worried about yours, consider the kids' consciences.

As has been noted in other emails, I find that idea deeply disturbing.
There is no such thing in nature as "no downside" - training people to
think there is simply contributes to the abysmal attitude many people
already have toward our fellow inhabitants of the globe.

Present shades of grey, give people space to learn that nothing comes
for free - not even a bit of gratuitous slaughter - and perhaps you'll
encourage people to think before they act, rather than be willing to
write off others as having "no redeeming graces".

That's a complaint I have about EQ's faction system - I started as
Iksar, and the first reaction I had was "lets see if I can get on the
good side of the Frogloks".  Hey, they've even got a town nearby.  No
can do, as far as I can see, because frogloks are monsters, not a
character race.  What do I learn from that?

(Vegan, incidentally - try playing a vegan character in an online world ;)
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