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Mon May 7 18:14:34 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

"John Buehler" wrote

> As you say there is too much emphasis on killing.  I'm working on a
> game that is going to emphasize socialization, exploration and
> crafting.  If I work in conflict, it will begin muted and we'll go
> from there.


> A good example of why I don't want any race that we hunt to be
> anything other than truly, defineably, evil.  They do not possess
> redeeming qualities.  This is true in fact, not simply in the
> perceptions of their enemies.

Are you allowing the hunting and killing of animals?  There's an
established cultural phenomenon that may or may not be correct, that
says that certain animals are fair game (cows, deer, etc), and others
are not (cats, dogs, humans).  There's a hell of a value judgement
hiding behind that - especially given animals did nothing particularly
_evil_ to get classed as huntable.

So if you want huntable things to be evil, are you excluding hunting
animals, or are you furthering the accepted western practice of
victimising certain creatures for arbitrary reasons?

Note, I'm drawing the line there - there is a body of thought
(Fruitarian) that says that you can survive without killing anything -
you live off the fruit and incidental produce of other creatures and
plants, rather than actually causing the death of anything.
Obviously, that's somewhat harder to represent in a mud, and somewhat
less frequent in real life than veganism or vegetarianism.

There's shades of grey hiding in the brightest places...

(Also find it interesting that most woods-oriented races/classes still
eat meat/hunt/etc. etc.)
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