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>> Perhaps we could have a few "Top Ten" lists:

> I can't believe nobody has done this yet. C'mon, let's ALL do it and
> end up with some interesting lists for the kanga.nu website or
> something.

Sure, I'll toss some answers from my viewpoint, out there.

>>   - Muds that define the field/industry/genre

Skipping the mud ranking ones....

>>   - Features of a mud most desired/demanded by users

  1 - Advancement

  2 - Socialization

  3 - Character choices [ability to define character with some
  combination of:

            - race
            - guilds
            - classes
            - clothes/jewelry/hair do's

  4 - Areas/stories/puzzles/graphics/background

  5 - Ability to play multiple characters [though not at the same time]

  6 - Complete help files/system

  7 - Lines of communication with Staff

  8 - Owning virtual land

  9 - Some ability for PvP [even if it is arena-styled with no real
  losses for combat, or kingdom/resource based]

  10 - Stability [of server]

>>   - Features of a mud that are anticipated to be expected by future
>>   mud users

  1 - Instant Messaging

  2 - Voice Chat

  3 - RL conventions

  4 - Portability: access to check on [limited] things via Web,
  slimmed down mobile/PDA client

  5 - Story Arcs [ala Babylon5, I don't know how well AC does it now
  as I haven't played it]

  6 - Developed trade systems :)

  7 - More non-combat roles [pub owner, shop owner, political
  positions, etc are already done in some places, however, we've yet
  to see: betting parlors/bookies, newspapers, book publishers, etc]

  8 - Automapping

  9 - User-based modifications - [Not only have you cleared the
  goblins out of that tower, now you've made it your base and defend
  it. Or the same for starting an outpost on a new planet, etc,
  based on theme of the mud].

  10 - Interactive props - you can pull a branch off of a tree, or
  the chair in the bar wobbles, but not if you put a cred under the
  shorter leg, etc.

>> Also, how important are the following to muds of the future and/or
>> their administrators/maintainers:

>>   - Marketing skills
>>   - Documentation/Literary skills
>>   - Graphical arts skills
>>   - Hard-core coder skills
>>   - Social skills

> What, no design skills listed? :P Well, I am summarily adding it.

I'm also adding Managerial skills...

> Ranked in order from most important to least important, IMHO:

  1  Design skills
  2  Doc/literary skills
  3  Social skills
  4  Managerial skills
  5  Marketing skills
  6  Coding skills
  7  Graphical arts skills

>> And, how likely are free muds to have these skills? (The assumption
>> being that commercial muds will have these skills available.)

There's nothing to stop free or commercial muds from having any or all
of these.. of course the confound here is that a larger scale venture
[be it free or commercial] is likely to have more staff and thus each
individual can wear less of those hats...


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