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"John Buehler" wrote

> We need immutable bad guys because we need something that can be
> killed without any downside to our conscience.=A0 And if you're not
> worried about yours, consider the kids' consciences.

Here is one option..  in the Merc dirivitives when a player kills
another creature in the game the experience they gain is altered
slightly depending on the alignment of the killer and victom.  Good
creatures gain slightly les s experience from killing other good
creatures and gain a small bonus for killing those of true Evil.  Why
not just take this concept one step further
as i have done on some muds in the past.

A good guy killing a good guy will not just have a penalty to
experience gained..  but LOSE experience and his alignment will shift
towards evil..

Neutral charecters shouldnt really gain negative experience..  but
should have severe penalties for slaying someone that is either
extremely good or extremely bad as this upsets the "balance" and is
against their alignment.

I've always made it so that once you are evil it is really hard to go
back t o the good side since killing is such an inherantly evil act
that even killing
other evil creatures doesnt mean you are turning good.  But i still
always gave evil charecters up to a 25% experience penalty when
killing the most vile of other charecters.

Combine these methods to also enforcing certain classes to stick to a
given alignment and not allowing them to gain experience when not of
the proper alignment for their class and you'll automatically have
players who play their charecters better .. even if only so that they
will gain levels faster


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