[MUD-Dev] I Want to Forge Swords. [Another letter to game designers]

Martin Burke martin at hobgoblin.net
Mon May 7 20:25:17 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Monday 07 May 2001 21:26, Auli wrote:
> John Buehler wrote:

>> I'm of the opinion that the social structure of a game is the
>> players and that the characters only afford an excuse for the
>> players to interact in an interesting way.  It could just as easily
>> be a deck of cards.

> I'm sure communities do get built around online card games :)

I started playing irc poker in '96, the same year I started playing
Dragonrealms heavily, and I can vouch for the community that exists in
online card games.

While I've gotten to know IRC poker players quite well, though, it's
far different than a gaming community.  I enjoy the poker players on
one dimension: how fun they are to chat with while playing cards,
which takes place seperately from the chatting altogether.  With
gaming it's how the character behaves and what we do together in the
game that counts, and it's a more cohesive package.  Treating the
social structure as a seperate entity from the game dilutes the
overall experience.

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