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Tue May 8 10:13:56 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

> From: "Batir" <batir at frontiernet.net> 

> Most games have many paths for those who want to fight, but only a
> couple for those who want to build.  In UO you have 5 combat skills
> that deal direct damage, and a host of supporting skills that aid
> those main skills.  Then, you have the single skill of
> blacksmithing, and the single skill of carpentry, and the single
> skill of fletching, and so on.  No skills to aid these skills?  No
> choices as far as career progression, other then following the
> linear path. That is what he and I complain about.

I cringed when i read this.  Not because I don't like trade skills,
but because I do.  If there were skills to aid tailoring, and you were
required to have those skills along with your "main" trade skill, it
separates you from your friends who are non-crafters.  If I have to
have sheep-shearing, spinning, weaving, dying, knitting, tanning,
curing, and sewing as skills, in order to do what I want to do, it's
going to separate me from my tanky-meat-shield partner who wants me to
come with him to kill stuff, which is going to make neither of us very

So what happens (and what did happen) was that I made a Tailor
Character On The Same Server.  She wasn't really a mule, per se, but
she was an extension of the Main character that I wouldn't have had if
I didn't have to in order to do what I wanted to do.

I guess it is the Percentage of skills available, to which I think
should be necessary to have a craft skill.  If there were 50 "skill
slots," and you had to have 5 skills to be a pretty good tailor but
you had to have 20 to be a pretty good adventurer, that'd be ok.  But
if you had to have 25 skills to be a pretty good tailor, and only had
25 spots left for adventurer skills, thereby making you a crappy
adventurer, that would not be okay.

Having a craft skill shouldn't cripple me to the point that it
separates me from a good majority of the rest of the world (and my
friends who go there).

Madrona Tree.

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