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Auli auli at bellsouth.net
Tue May 8 12:50:11 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Sie Ming wrote:

> I think it would probably be more helpful (at least for me) to hear
> ideas of how meaningful locations and social interaction can coexist
> rather than argue that they can not.
> Incidently, as this is my first message, let me say that I have
> really enjoyed reading the MUD-Dev archives over the past few
> months, and that it is only within the last week that I've gotten up
> the nerve to actually say anything myself.
Going back to my original point, limiting travel to encourage a sense
of vastness to a world simply does not encourage people to settle down
and call one spot home.  Granted there are only two cases cited in my
original response and there is a greater volume out there to draw
from.  The point is in The Realm there were two types of instantaneous
travel; to and from teleporters in each city, and to your individual
house from any point in the world.  Because your house was 'in' a city
and your original starting city could not be changed teleporting to
your house gave you instant access to your home city.

Unlike EQ this caused cities to actually be used and 'lived in' to a
large extent.  While no one settled down exactly, the ease of travel
to and from cities, and only cities, caused these social spaces to pop
up in every city.  For example, if I was near a remote dungeon in
Everquest and logged in to play with my guild I would generally find
the nearest spot and make group arrangements or what have you over
guild chat.  Given the same situation in The Realm I would cast home,
leave my house and maybe resupply, then teleport to the city that
contained our 'social space'.  We would directly interact with each
other in, what to us, was a meaningful space.  If you were a crafter
people always knew where to find you, you were always in this shop or
that park as long as you weren't actively adventuring.  The reason was
simple, it was relatively easy to get there.


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