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> I would not provide reinforcement for values that I thought were
> unhealthy for them or for others.  I would assume that anyone with
> conviction of views and caring for others would do the same.  As for
> convincing them that their values are wrong, yes, I might try it if
> the opportunity presented itself.  That is, if I was given the
> opportunity to talk about values and such.  I keep an open mind and
> try to learn from others just as I try to educate.

What, might I ask could be more unhealthy than to have immersive games
in which the 'enemy' is a demonized, nonhuman, alien force which we do
not have -any- empathy for because they are "without merit" (your
words.)  All of the worst of humanity comes from a lack of compassion.
You are encouraging it.

Every living thing has merit unto itself.  Every situation is a
dilemma, in the real world.  If you are so interested in really
teaching morality, you are not going to do it by teaching people to be
desensitized to the violence they choose to commit.

I feel like your path is far, far worse.  I fear more the person who
acts without heart at all, than the person who chooses to make someone
else suffer for their own gain.

Sit back and look at what you are -really- teaching people.  I doubt
your position highly.

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