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> I think an even compromise here would be to go the Diablo route, at
> least for items. Use certain key words or phrases that denote
> special abilities of the items without straight out saying "+4" or
> whatever. It's been awhile so I don't remember any phrases that
> Diablo used, but an example would be a "platemail of the wolf" where
> wolf denotes armor that adds to dexterity or agility. Every
> platemail of the wolf doesn't need to have the same attributes,
> merely similar ones, yet players still get an idea of what the item
> does.

>From the archives:


You could take the core idea in the above post and expand it along the
vein that you talk about above.  Take the Weight, Edge, Magic,
etc. columns and make many many more.  Perhaps the Wolf in "Platemail
of the Wolf" means the suit has high entries in the +Dex column, as
well as +Cold Resistance and +Sneak, and maybe a low value in +Calm
Rabbits.  Then a suit of PoW could choose magical properties, being
weighted toward the high values and away from the low ones.  PoW would
usually end up with either Cold Resistance, or a Dexterity bonus, or
both, but sometimes it would have something else.  Some would be
non-magical.  Rarely (very rarely) it would have abilities like
Befriend Small Woodland Herbivores.  Those that did would be highly
prized for their food gathering ability.  ;)

Once you have this working, you can make thematic-but-varied EQ pretty
easily.  Just make mobs drop "[White|Frozen|-] Platemail of the
[Wolf|Ice Bear]".  Sometimes you get White Platemail of the Wolf,
other times you get Platemail of the Ice Bear, etc.  Each has
different tendancies, but in general the suits would either have +Cold
Resistance or +Dex or +Str (for the Ice Bear).

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