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John Buehler johnbue at msn.com
Tue May 8 21:12:18 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

S. Patrick Gallaty writes:

> What, might I ask could be more unhealthy than to have immersive
> games in which the 'enemy' is a demonized, nonhuman, alien force
> which we do not have -any- empathy for because they are "without
> merit" (your words.)  All of the worst of humanity comes from a lack
> of compassion.  You are encouraging it.

I argue against immersion just as I argue against killing the good
guys.  These games encourage us to kill the good guys without the
implications that should be part and parcel of that action.  No one is
aghast at the loss of a life.  No terrible smell of rotting corpses or
of the acrid smell of blood.  Is it better to see a human being
chopped and lifeless on the ground in order to get their gold and

> Every living thing has merit unto itself.  Every situation is a
> dilemma, in the real world.  If you are so interested in really
> teaching morality, you are not going to do it by teaching people to
> be desensitized to the violence they choose to commit.

Ever read "The Swords Trilogy"?  In it, there are these mud-based
creatures that rise up out of a swamp and attack the good guys.
Soulless, beings without senses, but with weapons for arms.  This is a
pretty good starting point for what I'm talking about.  These aren't
beings with babies.  They are the medieval equivalent of robots.  You
don't kill them, you take them apart.  Meanwhile, they're
emotionlessly trying to kill you.

This is a recipe that I believe can make 'fatal' combat viable without
considerable detrimental effects.

> I feel like your path is far, far worse.  I fear more the person who
> acts without heart at all, than the person who chooses to make
> someone else suffer for their own gain.

> Sit back and look at what you are -really- teaching people.  I doubt
> your position highly.

Hehe.  I was just reminded of the other discussion about innovative
ideas receiving such a hostile reception.  I wonder if it works that
way: get people to be hostile to your new idea and you're
automatically right.  Naaah.  Probably not :)


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