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Freeman Freeman
Wed May 9 09:41:29 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

From: "Sie Ming" <sieming at gatheringspot.com>

> I tend to agree with this.  I don't JUST want to bake bread.  I also
> want to see the rest of your game.  I don't know what a good way to
> do this and be fair about it would be.  You could have an artificial
> distinction between crafting and adventuring (and perhaps social)
> abilities.  Something along the lines of...

Going back to the community-building game, it might be interesting to
have players choose a starting estate rather than a starting
character. The Estate would come with a number of characters,
adventuring-types among them, and the player could play any of the
characters in their estate (though not all at the same time). In that
model, the tailor shop might come with a spinner, tanner, hunter,
seamstress, etc. (the tailor shop itself just being one building in
the estate, that is).

When your friends want to go slay dragons, you would, erm, not play
the seamstress. You could even fire the tanner and the spinner, say,
pick up another couple of seamstresses, and just buy the raw materials
from some other tailorshop/estate (one that has fired its seamstress,
say). How much these characters in your estate were NPCs (that you
could play if you wanted to), or PCs (that you played a lot and worked
to "advance"), would just depend on what you wanted. Typical Joe Bob
The Warrior might just leave all the other characters in his estate as
NPCs, and never play anything but his "main guy".

And your tailorshop/estate being in a community would be of some
benefit to the rest of the community, so that your dragon-slaying
friend might want you to put your estate next to his Warrior's Outpost
estate, helping him (and he you) to turn it into a town.

Basically, the "tailoring estate" would be a little miniature village,
centered around tailoring, with NPCs that you (as the owner) could
play if you wanted to.  Many of them would be tailors, any of them
that you didn't want would remain as NPCs only, and you could
pick/play some of the hardier types to go adventuring with.  By
placing that little mini village next to some other players little
mini-villages, you grow the community into a proper town...
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