[MUD-Dev] Logical MUD Areas

John Buehler johnbue at msn.com
Wed May 9 10:28:11 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Kevin Littlejohn writes:
> "John Buehler" wrote

>> You seem to be assuming that I'm after happy-happy-la-la land.
>> This is all about a question of degree.  Some people are not
>> prepared to deal with certain moral dilemmas.  The dilemmas that
>> children below the age of about 18 are not typically prepared to
>> handle, I would attempt to avoid.

> But the judgement calls in that are huge - is a child under the age
> of 18 prepared to face the "what should I kill" judgement call?  No?
> Then why do you present them with it, every time they eat?  You
> choose the dilemmas, you choose the "good" answer, you don't give
> any space for people to work things out themselves.

Can we get down to some examples?  This theoretical talk is getting us
absolutely nowhere.  What's an example of a behavior that you believe
should be in the game world that children can learn from where it
seems I might present some canned 'good' result from which the player
learns nothing?


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