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> But that is the kind of thing that e.g. Lionhead are aiming for in
> Black & White - because it goes a long way to fulfilling the
> "immersive" promise made by many games in their marketing briefs, by
> making players actually care about their actions instead of "merely
> playing a game, which isn't real anyway".

For me B&W was a huge disappointment, the control system was clumsy
and the people asking for your help were so irritating that one was
continuously being pushed towards being evil, having played it for a
few hours I couldn't care less about the people. It seems that a lot
of people I've spoken to have a similar point of view with respect to
the game, which I find interesting baring in mind the level of hype
that surrounded it. Is it a case of the Molyneux effect or do people
really enjoy playing it as opposed to thinking 'hmm very pretty and
very clever'?

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