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Nathan F.Yospe yospe at kanga.nu
Wed May 9 17:40:09 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Madrona Tree <madronatree at hotmail.com> said:

> It was a pretty good way to handle it under the setup we had (but
> also failed miserably on a sister-server which allowed multiple
> characters), but I would prefer to see other muds go further.
> Perhaps something like:

>   - Split Baking Bread into sub-categories, such as baking, cooking,
>   camp-cooking.
>   - Split Tailoring into tailoring leather, tailoring "utility
>   clothes" and tailoring dress-up clothes.  If your game has colors,
>   make Dying a skill (maybe it comes automatically with having
>   enough of a tailoring skill?).
>   - Split Smithing into weapons, armor, and utility-smithing
>   (knives, wagon-wheels, what-have-you).
>   - etc and so on.

> So that if I wanted to become the Consummate Tailor, there would be
> a whole bunch of separate skills I could learn... but if all I
> really cared about was tailoring Utility Clothes, I'd just have to
> spend a small amount of my alotted points on that particular skill,
> leaving a bunch of other points available

You might want to search the archives (waaaaay back) on "Skill Web".
I know we've got some useful approaches for this sort of thing in

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