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> What this suggests to me is that you do not WANT to be a trader,
> or a tailor, or a blacksmith. You want to be an adventurer but find
> that a couple of those "other" skills are useful. This is find in and
> of itself, but that was not the point of the initial argument.

Tailoring has not been a useful skill in any game I have ever played, but it
is still my favorite.  :)  Realm's clothes you could buy off the shelves,
nobody needed clothes in UO, and EQ doesn't even *have* clothes.  :P

Anyway, I think I'm a pretty average player.  I think a lot of people want
to do a bit of both, and not just be Combat Characters or Craft Characters.

I want to be a trader, but not all the time.  I want to do a variety of
things so I don't get bored with your game.  On Mondays & Thursdays, i'd
like to stock my shop with clothes people buy, and hold Office Hours where
people can come see me so I can make them outfits right there on the spot.
Other days of the week, I want to kill monsters with my partner and dig up
treasure and see neat things.  And I want to do all of this with one single
character.  Otherwise, I'll make a mule (or six) and wreck the economy...
and nobody wants that.

He says, "Crafting should be as interesting as Combat."  I say, "Ja,
yabetcha, as long as I can do a bit of both and still be functional in both

> That said, if you want to offer other entertainment besides killing
> creatures, you have to offer a similar level of detail and depth of
> experience.

If you care enough about something to include it in your game, give it a
fair slice of the pie.  :)

Madrona Tree.
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