[MUD-Dev] I Want to Forge Swords. [Another letter to game

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Adam Martin <amsm2 at cam.ac.uk> said:

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>> You might want to search the archives (waaaaay back) on "Skill
>> Web".  I know we've got some useful approaches for this sort of
>> thing in there.

> I don't suppose you could be more specific? Just tried searching at
> http://kanga.nu/search/ and I only found one (!) match for the
> search-term "skill", from 1998 which was about which programming
> language to use rather than game-skills. Nothing at all for "skill
> web".

Well, this (Early 1999) showed up: 


Some of the ones I've got on my HD at home seem to preceed the current
list incarnation... and several show up in rgma around 1997, on google

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