[MUD-Dev] I Want to Forge Swords. [Another letter to game designers]

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Dave Rickey wrote:

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>>  Phinehas:

>>>  (Delerious talked about this in an essay at xrgaming.net.  I
>>>  believe that article is somewhere in the archives.)

>>  Just ironing out a brain cramp.  I think the writer's name was
>>  Delusion, not Delerious. :P Anyway, the article was specifically
>>  about making game worlds bigger.  I don't recall the name of the
>>  article, but I think it was hosted by LtM when he was at
>>  xrgaming.net.  Maybe someone else has a link.
> Okay, unless I'm mistaken, what you are referring to is the "Subway
> Effect", an article written by "Saturnino" during the EQ beta.
> Essentially, the thrust of the article is that the effective
> distance from any point in the game world to any other point is the
> distance from the nearest teleport nodes.  The effect of this on the
> overall psychological and social space is a negative one, by
> removing geological separation you may increase the number of
> personal interactions to the point where little socializing occurs.
> It's a fundamental example of how a gameplay decision can have
> unintended social impact.

Well...no, that isn't the one I'm talking about, but it sounds
interesting.  Do you have a link to that article?

Now that the search engine at kanga.nu is working better, I was able
to find the article.  I think that its content fits very well with
what Sie Ming suggested for improving trade skills.  Delusion also
talks about the relationship between localization and interesting
trade/mercantile endeavors.

The original article is here:


It is also recorded in the kanga archives here:


My apologies for the noise, but I thought the article was interesting
enough to deserve another mention.


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