[MUD-Dev] Re: TECH: Distributed Muds

Vincent Archer archer at nevrax.com
Wed May 16 09:47:52 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

According to Jon Lambert:

> Due to the cost of a context switch under Linux, the optimum number
> of threads = the number of CPUs in the box (assuming all threads are
> busy etc...etc).

Due to the cost of a context switch under QNX, the optimum number of
threads is whatever your memory can support (56 instruction cycles for
a full context switch, if I remember right).

Of course, QNX is built with real-time objectives, not as a true
multipurpose operating systems. Even with the posix layers.

QNX might be well suited to a large distributed MUD, however, seeing
as it has everything built around message passing between threads that
might be located on the same CPU, a different CPU, or even a CPU
located at the other end of a network trunk 100km away. When you're
talking about distributed, real-time systems, QNX comes to mind.

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