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Derek Licciardi kressilac at home.com
Sun May 20 16:50:53 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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>> Ola Fosheim Grøstad wrote:
>>> Derek Licciardi wrote:

>>> In my opinion, MUDS are all about databases and components would
>>> make for a great access layer to the database that serves the mud.

>> Well, I think MUDs are all about adapting to the users and the new
>> ideas of the designers.

> What are both of you saying? Muds aren't all about databases and I
> don't think MUDS are about adapting to the users. The technology
> behind the mud should allow for flexibility. Flexibility to drop
> components in and replace them as needed.  On the front end a MUD
> should be entertaining and fun. Fun above all else. I don't care if
> the MUD was written in Fortran and uses flat files for storage... it
> just needs to be fun. Derek, we can discuss this over lunch :) 

Maybe I should have clarified myself.  When discussing the code behind
a MUD, I believe my statement holds true.  Pick any SubSystem in a MUD
or MMOG and you will notice, that in the end, it is all about moving
data, using data, or storing data.  Every character file, mob
definition, combat code, or AI script is just data to the MUD server
and in the end needs to be managed.  I was removing myself from the
design/content creation aspect of MUDs and thinking purely from a
server perspective.  In the end, yes, all MUDs are about fun and
providing a flexible world to present to your users.  Think a little
more low level and none of the fun or flexibility is possible without
a robust database solution behind the engine.

How many times have you heard MUD admins tell you it is too much work
to put your idea in game.  Typically this is because the code just
can't handle it, or the data the code uses is not formatted properly.
I hope this clarifies things.


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