[MUD-Dev] Re: TECH: Distributed Muds

Bruce bruce at puremagic.com
Mon May 21 15:55:41 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

asnellin at san.rr.com wrote:
> On Tue, 15 May 2001, Bruce wrote:

>> Grab a book on POSIX threads, or some similarly good reference.
>> You can play various games to mitigate troubles resulting from the
>> stack size (like specifying your own stacks, setting stack size,
>> etc).
> Yeah, I've been following the discussions on this for a few months
> now. Can you recommend a particular book? I have the Stevens book on
> Unix Network Programming, but it does not go into great detail on
> POSIX threads.

There is the O'Reilly book:


I have the book by Butenhof:


The Butenhof book wasn't that bad.  It taught me what I needed to know
at that time.

I've also taken a peek at the GNU libc threads implementation when
I've needed to.

But, for some views on why threading is bad:


And some different approaches to using concurrency:


Good luck!

  - Bruce

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