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On Thursday, June 28, 2001 5:37 PM Shren wrote:
> On Mon, 25 Jun 2001, rayzam wrote:

>> A very cool concept. M. Talien Tresca has a workup of a 7-scale
>> 'alignment' system, which is similar to this. Actions, not just
>> kills, adjust different scales as appropriate. Reactions to the
>> character are based on which scales are important to the person
>> reacting, and which ends of the scale are important.

> Where can I get a copy of this?

Here it is, in all its messy glory.  Please note that this is an old
document and that our emote system has been revised.

Guilds would also have very specific alignment requirements.  The
alignment restriction would depend on the guild, the more strict the
guild, the more requirements necessary to join it.  (+) means at
least a positive alignment, and - means at most a negative
alignment.  Note that these names are really a range (wrath is evil,
just is its opposite; avarice is evil, charity is its opposite).

  Abjurer:      none
  Alachemist:   none
  Bard:         SLOTH (+)             -- always on the move
  Biomancer:    ENVY (+)              -- must be willing to heal your fellows
  Cultist:      overall alignment (-) -- depends on demon
  Druid:        none
  Fallen:       WRATH (-)             -- must be willing to kill anybody
  Fighter:      none
  Mage:         none
  Merchant:     AVARICE (-)           -- must like money
  Monk:         AVARICE (+)           -- must let go of all earthly possessions
  Necromancer:  ENVY (-)              -- uses people's corpses
  Paladin:      WRATH (+)             -- must be willing to smite evil
  Psionicist:   LUST (+)              -- must avoid earthly pleasures
  Ranger:       none
  Reaver:       GLUTTONY (-)          -- loves getting drunk
  Sentinel:     ENVY (+)              -- must be willing to help your fellows
  Templar:      overall alignment (+) -- Sikkar knows all
  Thief:        AVARICE (-)           -- must be willing to steal for cash

What this does is reward players for being good in their own ways,
and punishes them for being evil in others.  Paladins are likely to
be prideful, but unflinching when it comes to killing evil.
Psionicists are not necessarily good people, but they consider
gluttony to be an evil.  We can easily throw in lust for both monks
and psionicists too (avoiding those earthly pleasures again).

Spells can also be tailored to these alignments.  Sikkar may grant
his templar divine awe only if his PRIDE alignment is high enough,
and may not grant the grace spell at all if he's too evil in
GLUTTONY.  In all other respects these alignments are just like the
one we have now -3k to 3k, with -300 to +300 considered "neutral" in
that alignment.  This system does not replace the old alignment
system -- the average of all your alignments is your 'overall
alignment' and thus a significant factor for particularly evil and
good guilds.  Thus you can now make an argument for snotty paladins,
compassionate merchants, etc. -- it's only ONE aspect of the
alignment system which they must pay close attention to.

Players merely role-playing get alignment modifiers based on their
actions as well.  They can receive modifiers (good and evil) up to
the relevant statistic, after that they cannot modify their
alignment more that boot.  For some of the alignments (WRATH,
AVARICE, GLUTTONY, SLOTH) these modifiers can never make a character
evil or good by actions alone, but instead they force him back
towards neutral from whatever alignment he is at.  (-) means the
character will become more evil if he is good by using these emotes,
while (+) means the character will become more good if he is evil by
using these emotes.  Note that the other alignments depend on emotes
alone, and thus one can become exceptionally evil or good in that
particular alignment.

  Wrath:     STR
  Avarice:   INT
  Gluttony:  CON
  Sloth:     DEX
  Pride:     WIS
  Envy:      PER
  Lust:      CHA

WRATH:  normal alignment we have now through combat
  -Aggressive     -Argh           -Beat           +Bleed
  -Bodyslam       -Boot           -Choke          -Combust
  -Curse          -Cuss           +Die            -Explode
  -Fear           +Flee           -Forehead       -Frustrated
  -Fume           -Gf             -Growl          -Hate
  -Headbang       -Headbutt       -Hit            -Kick
  -Knee           -Loathe         -Lunge          +Mercy
  +Pain           -Pummel         -Punch          -Quake
  -Quarrel        -Rage           +Recoil         -Scare
  -Scream         -Shove          -Slap           -Smack
  -Smite          -Sock           -Spank          -Stalk
  -Steam          -Stomp          -Strangle       -Tackle
  -Tantrum        -Temper         -Thrash         -Threaten
  -Throttle       -Trip           -Tumble         +Whimper
  -Wild           -Wrestle        -Yell

  -per deposit/1000 gold
  +per transfer/1000 gold
  -Gimme          -Greedy         -Want

GLUTTONY:  food value
  -Beer           -Belch          -Burp           -Drool
  -Fart           -Hawk           +Heimlich       -Hiccup
  -Piddle         -Puke           -Slobber        -Spit

SLOTH:  idle time
  -Faint          -Lean           -Relax          -Rest
  -Sleep          -Snore          -Stretch        -Swoon
  -Tired          -Wait           +Wake           -Yawn

  +Apologize      +Bashful        +Beg            +Blush
  +Bow            -Brush          -Comb           -Cool
  +Curtsey        -Flex           +Embarrassed    +Moon
  +Pale           +Panic          -Pat            +Pick
  +Plead          -Pose           +Shrink         -Snub
  -Strut          -Triumph

  -Admire         -Applaud        +Avert          -Avoid
  -Blind          +Comfort        -Complain       +Congratulate
  +Console        -Embarrass      -Envy           +Excuse
  -Eye            -Gander         -Gape           -Gawk
  -Glare          +Grovel         +Helpful        -Insult
  -Jealous        -Lame           +Melt           +Miss
  +Missed         -Mock           -Neener         -Peer
  +Pity           -Pout           +Praise         +Salute
  -Scoff          -Sneer          -Stare          -Sulk
  -Taunt          -Tbt            -Tease          +Thank
  -Tongue         -Whine          +Worship

  -Blowkiss       -Blow           -Caress         +Cradle
  +Cuddle         -Embrace        -Engulf         -Envelope
  -Flirt          +Flowers        -Flutter        -Fondle
  -French         +Gaze           -Goose          -Grab
  -Grope          -Horny          -Hickey         +Hug
  -Kiss           -Lap            -Leer           +Lhug
  -Lick           +Like           +Lkiss          +Love
  -Lust           -Massage        -Moan           -Neck
  -Nestle         -Nibble         -Nuzzle         -Peck
  -Pinch          -Pucker         -Purr           -Rub
  -Schwing        -Seduce         -Smooch         +Snuggle
  +Squeeze        -Stroke         -Suck           -Swhisper

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RetroMUD Administrator

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