In-game email (was Re: [MUD-Dev] On socialization and conveni ence)

Freeman Freeman
Mon Jul 2 14:17:52 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

> From: Gavin Doughtie [mailto:gavin at]

> Possibly, as a user option, you can set up an email forwarding
> address for your characters/accounts in a given MUD. That way
> you're only paying for outbound bandwidth, and that's going to be
> nicely throttled since there won't be great big nasty UIs for
> threading and forwarding etc. In other words, when I do "/email
> DethMaster Please send me the address for the website with those
> cookie recipies, thx." Then the mud server (as a batch or very low
> priority task) looks up "DethMaster", finds that it's
> "kewld00d at", sends him my little email with
> 'mycharacter at' as the return address. When
> he replies the process is repeated in the other direction. The
> users get the benefit they want (non-sync communications), and the
> mud server gives up minimal storage and bandwidth in exchange.

When he replies, the message is delivered to you... but how does the
MUD know which character ("DethMaster") is sending you that email
(assuming DethMaster has more than one character to which
"kewld00d at" is forwarded)?
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