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Edward Falconer edwardfalconer at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 2 16:23:51 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Alan Unsworth <aunsworth at rcl.lib.rochester.edu> wrote:

> Who has tried to combine combat with MUSH code?  I know about GOHS
> and Elendor; we're trying it on Tangled Web Mush (mux.net 9876)
> and want input, advice, game testers, etc.  What are the likely
> advantages and disadvantages of this combination?

I'm assuming that you're creating a roleplaying MUSH that would like
to utilize softcoded combat to add another form of "roleplaying
stimuli" I would say that the MUSH format is as good as any to
create a combat system, provided that the commands you create are
straightforward and user-friendy (unlike a lot of MUSH softcoded
systems.)  The only true disadvantage I would see of a well-designed
and implemented system would be the player response of such.  Most
roleplayers choose RPI Muds (Armaggeddon, Harshlands, etc) when they
are looking for roleplaying with a coded support, but choose to
inhabit MUSH realms when they are simply looking for a pure
roleplaying experience.  Most who enjoy the RPI form would sneer in
disgust at playing the foreign feel of MUSH, and many MUSHers might
feel a bit put off by the way a combat system "taints" the freedom
of roleplaying.

I know that Outremer, designed by ex-administrator's on Forever's
End MUD are using a MUX base and adding combat, so you might want to
open up a dialogue with them.


The Inquisition is an RPI Mud with, from what I hear, an interesting
and unique system of "emote" combat which weaves code and emoting
together to create the combat system.  This sounds to me like a form
that MUSHers would approve of, at least moreso than automated,
standard MUD combat.

Best of luck,
Edward Falconer
Creative Director, The Cathyle Project
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