[MUD-Dev] Value in the Economy of the MOG

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Tue Jul 3 14:15:08 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On 29 Jun 2001 10:10:21 +0200 
Federico Di Gregorio <fog at mixadlive.com> wrote:

> imho, the best solution will be to have a *real* closed system,
> but that poses some hard problems, first of all rethinking
> player-mob interactions, levels, etc...

One of my early attempts, and one I still like, was to make the
world explicitly zero-sum.  For everything created there was an
equal quantity of <whatever> destroyed (this was actually the minor
case), or of <negative-whatever> created (the base and most common
model).  As such at any instant the sum of the world was always
zero.  The job of the players within that space was to exert will
(the only unbalanced non-zero-sum item) to force the separation of
null space into opposing value pairs which they then worked to
maintain as separate (should they meet they'd mutually annihilate)
and then exploit the PE thus raised.

In the end this was all based on an underlieing particle economy
(+ve and -ve mana, +ve and -ve energy, +ve and -ve life, etc as a
particulate system with explicit non-newtonian particle mechanics)
upon which all world interactions and events were based.  The mana
particle case was where I spent most of my time (and thus CPU)
attempting to get sporadic riverine flows of mana across the
landscape between +ve/-ve mana producers (I wanted mildly diffuse
high velocity "bundles" of mana hurtling about the landscape on
minorly predictable paths and timing).

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