In-game email (was Re: [MUD-Dev] On socialization and conveni ence)

Matt Owen MOwen at
Tue Jul 3 16:50:50 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Caliban Tiresias Darklock <caliban at> wrote:

> Hmmmm.
> -----
>   > WHO
>   Bob
>   Joe
>   Dave
>   Chuck
>   > QUIT
>   BCC: Bob at, Joe at,
>   Dave at, Chuck at
> -----
> Okay, that's bad. ;)
> Potential solution, use "noreplies" as the From: address and simply
> stick the name of the character and the MUD on the first line. So
> DethMaster gets:
>   In-game message, BubbaMUD 1.0
>   From: mycharacter
>   To: DethMaster
>   Blah blah blah blah blah.
> If DethMaster sends back an autoreply or something, the server
> throws it out. He has to log onto the game and send the message. The
> server can handle SMTP errors, so when the message isn't delivered
> because of a network error you can still be informed.

Or, how about each character that wishes to use the in game emailer,
has to set (in their Character profile) their email address
first. Athough the MUD actually sends the email to DethMaster, the
reply-to: header enter is rewritten to contain the real email
address of the sender. This has the benefit that once the initial
mail has been sent, any further correspondence is independant of the

The hardest thing in starting an email conversation is finding out
the recipients mail address, this system would eliminate that hurdle
without leaving users emails vunerable and without bogging the MUD
server down with work it shouldn't really be doing.

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