[MUD-Dev] Value in the Economy of the MOG

J C Lawrence claw at 2wire.com
Tue Jul 3 18:14:40 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On 03 Jul 2001 23:23:38 +0200 
Federico Di Gregorio <fog at mixadlive.com> wrote:

> that seems a great idea to me. it is different from what i was
> talkin about, you have to base the whole world on it, the whole
> story. 

Quite.  I've not been interested in MUDs which present any a unified
narrative or story backdrop.  Instead my interest has been in
building systems which allow player story creation as an incidental
artifact of basic player operations and behaviour.  The result is
akin to blank-slate worlds on which player characters are parachuted
after being dipped in ink.

> but sounds great? any code, documents, or just a little more
> explanations?

Sure.  See the list archives in mid '98 and early '99 IIRC.  (I'm
re-re-re-re-indexing the list as I type this so the search engine
will be a bit flakey as regards compleatness)

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