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yospe  <yospe at kanga.nu> wrote:
> J C Lawrence <claw at 2wire.com> said:
>> On Mon, 2 Jul 2001 23:02:37 -0000 yospe <yospe at kanga.nu> wrote:

> I can pretty much guarantee that, like mine, most games of this
> sort aquire a Quake-like impersistance of character.

Impermanence in regards to character presentation and manifestation
is one of the things that interests me about PK (and thus the recent
reincarnation musings).  Quake encourages a highly transitory view
populated by proof-case tests (eg 1 on 1 confrontations).
Characters in Quake at a personal level are highly persistent (for
instance I've become fairly well known, at least well enough to be
and greeted/recognised on the server I play), but the manifestations
(instantiations) of that character are transitory with all instanced
being (largely) identical.  On MUDs we're typically interested in
permanent character manifestations ("realisations" would be a better
word) with only a single instantiation.  

What about the middle point?  The Lancelot-Now-Called-Bubba?  The
permanent character who has a low level of
incarnations/presences/manifestations, all of which represent, or at
least re-present the same base character?

A couple days ago when playing Town2 (a Quake-TF map) I conspired
with another sniper to camp two sections of the map.  For those of
you that know Town2 I camped the upper passage through the middle
building and he camped (more dangerously) the street leading from
the shack to the door of the police building.  We were both LPB's
(sub 40ms pings).  This tactic effectively constrained all play to
the street running between the train stations beside the yellow
base.  We dominated the game, despite (in my case) several of the
other players being both better players and having lower pings.  

The result was that over the game period between use we had almost
200 frags with the next higest score 

> I sent you a little bit I recovered from an old outbox... 

The bit you sent me a couple years ago?  Yeah, I've got that
integrated in the current archives.

> I know I have a bit more (And a lot of other stuff beside) on a
> Jaz disk that won't be read... 

A sad fate of many early Jaz disks.

> also, I may have a tarball (yes, *that* tarball) of everything up
> to the point I joined - I joined when it was a listserve on
> bug.be, but hadn't been for long.



> Both of the above (and more) are on a Jaz, and maybe an old (and
> probably recoverable) internal SCSI mac formatted 250MB HD.  Must
> see about using a few CD-Rs to long-term store all that stuff...

There are good odds for me making another LA trip in the early
Autumn.  We should get together.  Odds are it will be another "drive
down on Friday night, drive back on Sunday afternoon" gig so timing
will be fairly tight.

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