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Valerio Santinelli <tanis at mediacom.it> wrote:

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>> Something for Bard classes to do.  Storytelling gives you the
>> power to moderate, and Lore gives you access to posts with
>> different moderation levels.

> That's a great idea I haven't really thought about. We could
> really use the skills system to manipulate the data in a limited
> way (because we don't want people to turn bad guys into
> heaven-sent guys all of a sudden, don't we? ;)

Why not?

> Or we could also increase the kind of modifications you could do
> to the history based on your level in Lore, as you are
> saying.. and this leads for more experienced players to be able to
> make massive modifications to the history.

Ahh, the power of retrospective editing.  You may like to dig up
some of the old threads between Ola and me back when i was looking
at logging all object state changes such that I could reply time on
request.  The basic result of this was that a player could take an
object and occupy its viewpoint as of any point in its history and
thus see exactly what happened in and about it at that time, exactly
as if he were there.  Add a few supports to chain objects (follow
object X back to past, see object Y, follow object to time Q, see
object R follow that to time T etc.).  

It makes secrets and control of information dissemination quite

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