[MUD-Dev] Value in the Economy of the MOG

Ashen Temper ashen at wolfpackstudios.com
Thu Jul 5 08:57:40 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Derek Licciardi wrote:

> One of the beliefs that I have been toying with is that economic
> systems in today's muds are decidely pro player.  I am almost of
> the belief that in order to have a stable economy on a mud, you
> are going to have to institute the economic things that most
> people do not like.(taxes, insurance, rent, repairing goods...)
> Even with all of the above, it may not be possible to get a good
> economy without permanent character death, inheritance rules and
> taxes, and other necessary asset control measures.  As much as we
> hate these things in real life, I am beginning to see why they are
> necessary for a stable and healthy economy.  The bigger question
> might be how do you put these into the game in such a way that
> players don't call it a dramatic gameplay killer and call your
> game not fun.

I'd have to agree.  With any game where New Value can always be
introduced into the world, there must always been Money Sinks that
drawn out gold.  Some methods of doing this would be by Item Repair
(Item Durability), Taxes on Buildings, Maintenance Fees on
Buildings, Cost of Advancement (for Training), Destruction of
Items/Buildings, etc, etc.

Another method that could be used is to have NPCs start out with 0
gold in their "strongbox" so they cannot purchase any items from
players.  When they have sold an item, that money goes into their
strongbox and they can purchase items up to the amount they have in
their strongbox.  This way, when selling items to an NPC, you're not
creating New Value, just circulating the value already in the

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