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Aaron Mulder ammulder at alumni.princeton.edu
Thu Jul 5 16:43:15 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Thu, 5 Jul 2001, Michael Tresca wrote:

> Thought you might find this interesting:

>   http://aimovie.warnerbros.com/

> On the A.I. web site, Chatbot (ALICE, click Enter to see it) gives
> clues about the movie.  I think.  Anyway, the Chatbot is
> sufficiently advanced that several people on the discussion boards
> thought they were talking to a real person, or that "a real person
> was answering for the 'bot some of the time."

> I'd love to make our NPCs that believable.  I suspect the audience
> has something to do with it (e.g., mundanes not used to chatting
> to programs).

This is exactly where I was going with the language parsing thread.
Step one is for the NPC to understand what you're saying to it.
Step to is for it to think of something coherent to say back.  We'll
just take this one step at a time.  :)

BTW, the parsing of sentences is coming along well.  It takes a
surprisingly small amount of code, and then a big dictionary.  Still
have a ways to go on attaching the concepts to the words.  I'm
trying to figure out how to modularize the words and concepts so
they don't all have to be loaded at once, and somehow find a good
balance between all NPCs sharing the same data set (which performs
well but doesn't distinguish them much), and NPCs all having a
unique data set (which makes them very personalized, but required a
ton of background for each one and isn't very efficient).

Like the chatbot, I think the ultimate test of an NPC is to see how
it performs as a PC...  :)


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