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Travis Casey efindel at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 5 22:16:54 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Wednesday July 04, 2001 04:37, Bruce Mitchener wrote:
> J C Lawrence wrote:
>> On Mon, 02 Jul 2001 13:56:14 -0400
>> Alan Unsworth <aunsworth at rcl.lib.rochester.edu> wrote:

>>> Who has tried to combine combat with MUSH code?

>> IIRC there have been several attempts in the MOO world, not least
>> the various ColdX-based/derived projects (probably the most
>> recent work).

>> Bruce!  Care to chime in?

> I hadn't responded originally because I was taking the poster
> literally, combined with not having a whole lot of spare time
> these days.

> Strictly speaking, I'm not at all familiar with MUSH beyond the
> very basics.  Brad Roberts, a cohort of mine, developed and
> maintained some of the old battletech implementation for MUSH, but
> much of that was hard-coded in C rather than written in the MUSH
> language.

> There are other more liberal interpretations of the question
> though:

>   * Has anyone tried to implement combat in a heavily soft-coded
>     system?  Yes!  Plenty of examples of this in LPC, MOO and Cold.
>     Some of the newer servers written in Python or Ruby or Perl
>     would probably qualify as well, although I haven't seen an
>     actual combat system written in those systems yet.

>   * Has anyone tried to implement combat in a more social
>     atmosphere?  I'd guess that this has been done.  TEC, at the
>     least, would roughly qualify here.

>   * Has anyone tried to implement combat in a system that isn't
>     heavily numbers based and where consensual RP is the order of
>     the day?  I'm completely ignorant wrt this question. :)

Of course, to answer these, you have to answer a more fundamental
question first: What constitutes a combat system?  Is, for example,
the old Tiny system where you paid one 'coin' to be able to kill
someone a combat system?

Also, the original questioner didn't ask if combat was coded into a
MUSH -- just if there had been attempts to combine combat with MUSH
code.  I'd guess that he meant to ask if combat had been coded in,
but taking the question literally, GM-moderated combat on a MUSH
would count.

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