[MUD-Dev] Player characters as a prey species

Justin Rogers justin at mlstoday.com
Mon Jul 9 08:55:49 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

[Jon Leonard]

> Another idea I had this morning was something along the lines of a
> slow permadeath.  Suppose that each character has a healing
> multiplier stat, and that all health-recovery effects, (healing
> spells or natural recovery, etc.) get multiplied by it.  If
> certain monsters do damage that permanently reduces this stat, it
> could make it such that characters simply can't be played forever.

Couple this with the idea that high level characters can mentor or
give birth to other characters to pass off percentages of acquired
stats and you might have a marketable idea for a broader audience
than just the niche gamer.

This would mean I could play my high level character, but as he ages
and gets worn down I can at least pass off his skills to my next
player in some small amount to give me a slight improvement to my
base stats.  With playability in mind you'd see a lot of people
playing characters to higher levels just so they can reroll can get
the bonus, it would get the players who re-roll and only play low
level characters to play a character for a longer period.  It would
enable IC gameplay to maintain parentage or mentorship so that you
can talk about your previous characters and don't lose their

Nice idea.  Now someone just has to implement it.

Justin Rogers

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