[MUD-Dev] Player characters as a prey species

Justin Rogers justin at mlstoday.com
Tue Jul 10 07:14:59 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

[Dan Shivotz]

> This is a virtual world where you create critters that run around,
> killing each other and/or mating and/or grazing until they
> die. Everybody dies -- if you're lucky it's from old age, if
> you're not, it's from getting et or starving to death or
> something. There is a high score list, with various categories
> (biggest creature, most children, etc). People like it.

Here at Microsoft we are producing a peer to peer networked game
similar to the whole creature approach where things get eaten, die
of old age or lack of food.  It's all programmed using the .NET
Framework.  So far it has been a great demo and sample, but we hope
to open it up so that people worldwide will be able to create
creatures (.NET assemblies, intelligent animals) and load them into
the ecosystem (centralized server which controls all of the peers).
Teleporters will transport your animals around to different servers
transferring the assemblies, etc...

There will be pseudo real-time stats on your creatures advancement
in the world and there should be rewards for various degrees of
success with an animal.

This is pretty far from a "There's always your better" MUD, but I
thought it might be interesting to some of the developers on the
list, and it should present .NET as a viable solution for both
client and server MUD programming.  I'm doing all of the DirectDraw
wrapping and so far it's been a piece of cake.

Justin Rogers

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