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> Having the software free under the GPL doesn't preclude a
> subscription to a service (access to the server) to be able to use
> it. Consider the closest approximation of the CPL-ed game out
> here: UO. There's "emulators" (3rd party servers) available out
> there. You can easily get a copy of the client even if you've
> never played.

> UO still does fine; players still pay EA plenty of money to live
> on the original Brittania...

Fair enough. Thanks for the example. Although I'm sorry, I'm not
sure what you mean by CPL? (Closed product license is my guess???).

Also, although I understand that you're example is intended to
illustrate only, it strikes me that even if people in general were
disinclined to play in the pay-to-play commercial game-world, when
it comes to an Ultima game there would always be many many people
desperate to play in the "real" online Brittania.

I'm not sure that this willingness to play the main
(subscription-based) game would be there for games with less history
if there were free (beer) alternatives that were generally known. Do
you have any other examples? I have occasionally seen indicators of
similar things for e.g. EQ, but it was year(s?) ago (when they
didn't really work) and I suspected they were on dodgy legal ground

Adam M

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